History The G4Flex had its formalization in June 2008, after years of experience of its key managers as employees of telecommunications companies such as: Telemar, AT&T Latin America, Telmex and Embratel, as well as Software development companies, among others. Expand the concept of provision of telephony services, providing competitive intelligence to our customers is the greatest challenge and at the same time a brand of our company.

Our Culture Flexibility and commitment are the words that best define our inner identity, especially in dealing with employees, suppliers and customers.

  • Mission

    The Mission of G4Flex is to offer telecommunications services and solutions, suited the needs of corporate market development, with commitment of promptness and excellence, always seeking technological innovation, ensuring profitability to its partners and collaborators.

  • Values

    Ethics, transparency, commitment, collaboration, flexibility, innovation and sustainability.

  • Vision

    Consolidate as telecommunications service provider, with an emphasis on IP telephony and unified communications, seeking value creation for customers, partners and employees, through the constant application of innovation with a focus on sustainability.

Technology for Smart Business. G4Flex's platforms provide competitive intelligence to corporate business.


    System designed to perform the complete management of corporate communications.

  • ARS

    System designed to perform the reverse of service calls, with the focus on achieving financial savings for calls directed to 0800 numbers or similar, as well as the complete history of this links flow management. Provide reductions of 45% on average.

  • AQM

    System designed to perform in its fullness, the quality management on the final customer. Focus on Automobile Dealerships.

  • SMS

    System designed to perform sending of SMS messages to employees or customers of the company.

  • Doctor-Flex

    Platform designed to control the agenda for doctors and scheduling appointments for your customers.

  • VoIP

    System calls using Internet resources.

  • Router Portability

    Eliminate your costs on calls to mobile through our smart grid.     

  • G4faithful

    Optimize the relationship with the faithful of his church, consolidating information and strengthening them in their faith.

Companies that Walk with Us

Contact We help companies in Brazil to achieve goals effectively.

  • Telephones:

  • Brasília (61) 4063-7446
  • Goiânia (62) 4053-7446
  • Fortaleza (85) 3924.0077
  • João Pessoa (83) 4062-9113
  • Salvador (71) 4062-9113
  • São Paulo (11) 3522-7446
  • Recife (81) 4062-9113
  • Rio de Janeiro (21) 4063-7446

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